The Mystery of Galician’s Province

Price : 550 UAH/per

Duration : 09.00 - 19.00

  • For groups of 20 or more people

Tour description

This unordinary journey we offer is a tour throughout beautiful surroundings of Galician province. Lviv-Sokal-Belz-Zhovkva route is a great opportunity to step back from the modern world and find yourself in the romantic days of knights and mysterious events. 

In Sokal, we’ll see the city Hall, the Church of the monastery of the Dominicans, built in 1762 synagogue and the majestic Bernardine cloister of the XVI century located in the village Zhvyrka. The small city of Belz that used to be the ancient capital of an independent principality of Rus Kingdom in 11th century and still keeps the remains of the church founded by King Zemovit the 4th in 1394, the graves of tzaddiks at the old Jewish cemetery - Kirkut.And the "perfect city" of Zhovkva will fascinate us with the Royal Palace, the Roman Catholic Collegiate, the 17th century synagogue and the Greek Catholic Monastery of Basilians.

The route passes right by the Ukrainian-Polish border

Price : 550 UAH/per